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Our Mission

We empower and celebrate the bravery of innovative leaders who follow their passions, believe in their visions and take the leap of faith of entrepreneurship.

We all have stories; some may have harder journey’s than others but it’s NEVER too late to find your light.

MillennialWE is an entrepreneurial network that helps aspiring entrepreneurs successfully start a business and also assists current business owners in growing their empires through brand consulting and affordable digital services. Connecting with our network provides time efficiency and exclusive resources for today’s modern day Entrepreneur. 

Our anticipated networking events offers direct interaction with the most dynamic industry professionals, business mentors and access to elite vendor opportunities.

Founded by Fordham University Graduate and NYC Small Business Services Instructor, Crystal Mestres-Bishop; this millennial powerhouse serves as a foundation of entrepreneurial support.  MillennialWE directs professionals on how to capitalize on their dreams.

“We strive to be a foundation of opportunity, facilitate valuable business connections and maximize one another’s resources as a UNIT. Independently we thrive but uniting as a force, we then become unstoppable, MillennialWE™” Crystal Mestres-Bishop.

Partnership with Financial Education Services

The FES Protection Plan is a comprehensive program which helps consumers with credit restoration and taking the necessary steps towards financial security. 

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WE are a network team powered by Millennials but we support ALL Dream Chasers.

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